The Court’s decision relative to vaping by medical marijuana patients is attached. It states that the CCC has exclusive control to regulate medical marijuana. The Court said that the CCC can put in an emergency regulation that ban’s vaping as to medical marijuana in place. However, in making the decision in doing so, it must look at the statute that states that the CCC cannot pass any regulations that would be more restrictive than the DPH’s regulations when DPH oversaw the medical marijuana program. DPH’s regulations required that dispensaries to make vapes available for medical marijuana patients. The court has kept the ban in place for one week, so that the CCC can decide if it will pass emergency regulations banning vaping by medical marijuana patients, allow vaping by medical marijuana patients or just do nothing. If the CCC does nothing, medical marijuana patients would be allowed to vape. If the CCC bans vaping, it opens itself up to another appeal to the court by medical marijuana patients.

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