Caffe Bella in Randolph to shut its doors permanently due to pandemic – The Boston Globe

I have been to this restaurant many times over the years. It provided good Italian food at a good price. They only accepted cash. If a restaurant like this can shut down in Randolph, which has happened to many similar long established restaurants in and around Boston, I do not think that we truly have seen the tsunami hit the restaurant industry in Massachusetts, the United States and throughout the world. The stimulus money that the federal government provided restaurants was only a band aide cure that really cannot stop the bleeding from a main artery. I hate to say it, but we will be seeing a lot more of our favorite, long lasting and new restaurants, shut down.

If you want to help slow the tsunami and are financially able, please practice social distancing and try to visit your favorite restaurants as least once a week. If you do not feel comfortable, social distancing eating, then order take-out food and beverage from your favorite restaurants at least once a week. If you order take-out, please consider leaving the same tip that you would leave if you went to eat at the restaurant.

After nearly three decades serving Italian cuisine to the community, a beloved restaurant in Randolph will permanently shut its doors because of the pandemic.
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