Support Advesa’s License Application to Open a Cannabis Retail Store in Ball Square, Somerville

Somerville Friends,

I hope that you will support a woman, minority-owned cannabis business, in Ball Square. I have known the principals of Advesa for over six years. They are great people.

The store is in a great location. It is right on Broadway. It is directly across the street from the new Green Line station. It has its own onsite parking space for deliveries.

Advesa is making the store bigger than needed due to concerns made by neighbors near the other stores approved in Somverville. The neighbors were concerned about people waiting on the sidewalk to get in. Although Advesa does not believe that there will be crowds waiting to get into the store, it is making the waiting area bigger, so that there will no need for people lining up on the sidewalk to get in.

Advesa heard concerns from neighbors of the other pot shops to be located in Somerville about parking issues. Although Advesa does not believe that parking will be an issue, since most people will walk or stake alternative modes of transporation, it has rented a number of parking spaces across the street for customers to park to address the concerns of neighbors.

Cannabis retail stores should be located throughout the city, not just located in a few of the squares. There are two cannabis retail stores approved to open directly across from one another on Elm Street in Davis Square. There is another store scheduled to be open right outside Davis Square on Holland Street. There is a cannabis store approved for Union Square on Union Square and one right outside the square on Somerville Ave. There are two stores to be located at the other end of Broadway. There will also be a store on Highland Ave, not far from the high school and city hall.

Please click the link to sign the petition supporting Advesa to be located in Ball Square.

Also, please attend one of the Open House events. Stop by and say hello. It would be great to catch up.

Happy 4th of July!


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