Local marijuana fees soar past $50 million as industry decries municipal ‘slush funds’ – The Boston Globe

It is time to treat cannabis like alcohol. The Conference committee should repeal the HCA requirement.

It is telling as to the number of cities and towns that do not provide the CCC with the information requested as to the mount of money collected and how they are used. The cities or towns that still collect the fees are collecting the fees in accordance wit the law. They are all collecting well over the requirements of the law. The Attorney General and the Inspector General should begin an investigation into these cities and towns and take action against these cities and towns, including returning the funds to business that paid them.

It is time to treat the cannabis industry like the alcohol industry. The alcohol industry is not required to execute an HCA with the local community. The only local involvement is through licensing and/or permitting. Local Liquor Boards must grant a licnese prior to the ABCC approving the license. Some cities and towns also require a special permit.

The cannabis businesses should only be required to be granted local licenses and permits and a state licenses. Licensing and permitting is enough in providing local communities public health, welfare and safety protections that may be caused by a cannabis business opening in a community.

A new study by researchers at Northeastern raises fresh questions about so-called impact fees as legislators debate a crackdown on the practice.
— Read on www.bostonglobe.com/2022/06/09/marijuana/local-marijuana-fees-soar-past-50-million-industry-decries-municipal-slush-funds/

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